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Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Blogs

When the team was getting together initially to talk about a blog redesign, three notions stood out as being most important: responsiveness, faster load time, and a join/login flow that was better integrated with the mothership. And so, when we finally started digging into (what was then) the blog’s current... Read more

Create a Resolution Independent iOS8 App and Set Your Images Free

Since iOS launched, png’s have been used for icons. It’s been so simple, why would anyone consider any other solution? The workflow looks like: “we want to add a button, it needs an icon for this action, email the png to me and we’re done.” So the designer queues it... Read more

Never Forget: UX and The Internal Customer

Craftsy’s ecommerce store started out selling flash deals on yarn and fabric. Within a year, that evolved into a full fledged ecommerce experience built off the original flash deal code for merchandising and creating items on the site. Along with the evolution of the customer facing storefront, the admin area... Read more