DenverScript - yet another JavaScript meetup

Yes, we created another Denver JavaScript meetup. There have been similar meetups before us, but they have mostly gone inactive or focused on very broad topics that go beyond JavaScript. We wanted to create a meetup that fills a void with an active, community-driven JavaScript meetup that focuses on intermediate... Read more

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Blogs

When the team was getting together initially to talk about a blog redesign, three notions stood out as being most important: responsiveness, faster load time, and a join/login flow that was better integrated with the mothership. And so, when we finally started digging into (what was then) the blog’s current... Read more

Craftsy app in the Apple Store!

We're excited to see the efforts of our mobile team greatly rewarded - the Craftsy app is now installed on devices in the Apple retail stores! Needless to say, we're slaphappily goofy over here, as evidenced by image and gif replies to the internal email thread... This last gif is... Read more

Create a Resolution Independent iOS8 App and Set Your Images Free

Since iOS launched, png’s have been used for icons. It’s been so simple, why would anyone consider any other solution? The workflow looks like: “we want to add a button, it needs an icon for this action, email the png to me and we’re done.” So the designer queues it... Read more

UX Strat Review

This is a summary of my experience at UX Strat in Boulder (September 7-9). I registered as a volunteer since Boulder is so near to Denver, and hey it turns out they needed people. We got to work with students from BDW and share our "expertise" with Illustrator, while picking... Read more

Safari vs Internet Explorer :: Round 2

We are attempting to determine whether making a one-to-one comparison between Apple Safari and Internet Explorer is a fair one. That is, can we rightly use the phrase “Safari is the new IE”? Note that the parameters we’re examining are primarily related to UI/UX and Front End Development--those disciplines where... Read more

Taming DOM Events - A better way to listen for JavaScript events

How much time have you spent trying to find specific event listeners in your code? Some frameworks such as AngularJS and Ember.js have specific locations where listeners are created, usually in the framework’s controller layer. Others such as jQuery and Backbone.js let developers manage events but don’t really care where the event listeners are created. At Craftsy we used to just put event listeners in the HTML or a relevant JavaScript file already on the page. This structure - or lack thereof - led to quite a bit of wasted time; at one point I spent close to half an hour locating a specific piece of code for the “Add to Cart” button on our class pages. Read more

Python-Flask-uWSGI-Setuptools: How To Deploy Simple WSGI Applications

Python is a great language for quickly writing applications. The solid standard library coupled with a great community results in a development environment that is fast and iterative. However, I've noticed many stumble after the application is written and ready to be deployed and consumed by users. The documentation and... Read more

Safari vs Internet Explorer :: Round 1

In a previous Enginerd post, Clint Milner talked about how lucky we are that we don't have to support IE 8. But that post got us all talking about a browser that does give us a few headaches: Safari. At Craftsy, we support Safari. A lot. As of last count,... Read more

What's my vector, Victor?

Why Vector? New devices, screens, and HDMI dongles emerge everyday that change the way we communicate our brand with our members. As a UX Engineer, I’m constantly looking for new ways to deliver graphical assets quickly and precisely (i.e. pixel perfect) across this evolving ecosystem. One of our favorite ways... Read more