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Craftsy app in the Apple Store!

We're excited to see the efforts of our mobile team greatly rewarded - the Craftsy app is now installed on devices in the Apple retail stores! Needless to say, we're slaphappily goofy over here, as evidenced by image and gif replies to the internal email thread... This last gif is... Read more

Create a Resolution Independent iOS8 App and Set Your Images Free

Since iOS launched, png’s have been used for icons. It’s been so simple, why would anyone consider any other solution? The workflow looks like: “we want to add a button, it needs an icon for this action, email the png to me and we’re done.” So the designer queues it... Read more

What's my vector, Victor?

Why Vector? New devices, screens, and HDMI dongles emerge everyday that change the way we communicate our brand with our members. As a UX Engineer, I’m constantly looking for new ways to deliver graphical assets quickly and precisely (i.e. pixel perfect) across this evolving ecosystem. One of our favorite ways... Read more

A brief overview of memory in the mobile world

iOS 7 is the most common operating system used on Apple mobile devices. It's oldest supported iPhone is the 4 and it's oldest supported iPad is the 2. So if you are developing an application on iOS 7, your app must be able to operate in a stable manner and... Read more