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s3 & Glacier, the only backup solution you'll ever need

LTO and backup to HDD are great, but deeply limit your ability to scale. The old ways introduce operational overhead to maintain and care for these systems, and distract you from focusing on what matters for your business. At Craftsy, we generate nearly 50 TB of new data/month, and perform... Read more

Mutli-AZ - the only defensible choice

Quite a lot is made online by some when AWS has an outage. Even minor disruptions in an availability zone get reported on twitter as if they portend the apocalypse. When an AZ has problems, it can be annoying for certain, but it should not have any actual impact on... Read more

ec2 hostnames, dns and you

When we first started out in this kooky cloud world, we quickly learned one of the fundamental shifts that the cloud represents: server naming. For folks crossing over for their first foray into AWS or other cloud systems, the lack of conventional naming approaches, and the utter lack of network... Read more