Posts (4) in September 2015:

Atomic Architecture

Atomic design has a lot of strong proponents in the community and a lot of information is readily available. There is less information around how to write and structure modular code around the same pattern; it seems to me this is something a UX or design team will pick up and force their developers to find a way to make it work. In our case everyone is onboard and we want to make sure everything needed by an atom, organism, or template lives side by side. We took a few weeks to create some proof of concepts based on React, came close to breaking some promises we made to our UXers, and have arrived at a structure I call Atomic Architecture. Read more

Breaking Up With the Monolith

(An ancient Persian monolith bearing a striking resemblance… -- Creative Commons Licensed Image) For years now, Craftsy has been innovating on an ever-growing Java monolith that is our web platform. During that time we cemented together our online classes platform, e-commerce, patterns, projects and more. It worked and served us... Read more

DevOps Engineer

Craftsy is one of the fastest-growing, to-consumer websites out there, and we are looking for a stellar DevOps Engineer to join our team. We’ve experienced incredible growth every year for the past five years we’ve been in business. We spend most our time in AWS, and we’re looking for an... Read more

Data Warehouse Engineer

Our mission at Craftsy is to become the premier global destination for curated education, inspiration and supplies for passionate enthusiast “makers.” Combining best-in-class expertise in educational design, video production, technology, and digital marketing, Craftsy is one of the fastest growing and most successful start-ups in the US in the past... Read more