Posts (4) in August 2015:

Engineering Team Summer Internship

Craftsy invites you to be part of a unique internship program in Denver, Colorado this Summer. We are looking for interns who will inspire, challenge and make our team even stronger. Your summer internship should challenge you. In a role at Craftsy you will be making an impact with the... Read more

Commanding the CLI with Node

Prior to Node v0.12, writing a command line tool in Node was a rather difficult proposition. There was no way to execute a command synchronously, so tools like ShellJS worked around this by blocking the event loop until a 'done' file was created on the filesystem signifying that the command... Read more

Java Engineer

Our mission at Craftsy is to become the premier global destination for curated education, inspiration and supplies for passionate enthusiast “makers.” Combining best-in-class expertise in educational design, video production, technology, and digital marketing, Craftsy is one of the fastest growing and most successful start-ups in the last 3 years. Located... Read more

Java Platform Engineer

Craftsy is one of the fastest-growing, consumer-facing websites out there, we are looking for a Java Platform Engineer to help us scale our platform as we grow our business. As part of our platform team, you will be on the front-line in the decision making process of how we transition... Read more