DenverScript - yet another JavaScript meetup


Yes, we created another Denver JavaScript meetup. There have been similar meetups before us, but they have mostly gone inactive or focused on very broad topics that go beyond JavaScript. We wanted to create a meetup that fills a void with an active, community-driven JavaScript meetup that focuses on intermediate to advanced application-style programming and isn't limited to one framework.


Like most amazing ideas, a few beers helped fuel this conversation and a few weeks later - *boom*, we started planning our first meetup! Introducing DenverScript(hold applause)! We're a local community of developers interested in sharpening our skills and making the web a better place. We’ll be discussing best practices, features coming to ECMAScript, application development, what's going on in the JS community, and more.

Our first meetup was a hit: 35 out of 40 people showed up to hear about JavaScript Unit Testing with 18 on the waiting list. Craftsy was nice enough to sponsor our first meetup for venue/food/beer, but we quickly grew out of current venue. Our next meetup will be held at Code Talent on March 31st with a new attendance cap of 75 people. There, Garrett Dawson will talk about getting started with functional programming in JavaScript.

If you have any interest in upping your JavaScript knowledge, then please come check us out. Follow our Twitter account at @DenverScript for JavaScript tweets and Meetup announcements, and chat with us daily at #denverscript on Freenode!

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