UX Strat Review


DSC_0038This is a summary of my experience at UX Strat in Boulder (September 7-9). 

I  registered as a volunteer since Boulder is so near to Denver, and hey it turns out they needed people. We got to work with students from BDW and share our "expertise" with Illustrator, while picking up other tricks in the process. (Photo shows Joey standing up and me awkwardly pointing.)

Though I kept busy with my volunteer duties, I met folks from companies like 3M and eBay, and listened to speakers from Google, Groupon, Cabela’s, and so many more. Here are some of the key points I took away.

The first keynote came from Laura Granka for Google Search. One of the many points she emphasized was consistency for your users and company. When you maintain consistency, it leaves no room for guesswork. She also discussed the HEART framework as a way to measure qualitative and quantitative insights.

Martin Granstrom from Nook discussed UX as a core company strategy. Perhaps what resonated most for me was considering all users: from users who have only heard of you to those who have used your product for years. He also gave Nook-specific examples of delight including buying the user the second book in a trilogy or nudging them to finish reading the last 20 pages of their book.

Theo Forbath from Digital Transformation and Cognizant gave an inspiring talk about digital now experiences. He described his experience with the local ATM machine: he accesses it every Monday for the same $ amount, and every time he has to request English as his language. (Shouldn’t it know?) Some products doing amazing things by picking up on their user’s patterns: Google Now and Disney’s Magic Band.

So many more really great presentations. Check out the slides as they become available on SlideShare and volunteer at local conferences! Volunteering offers a chance to engage with people in your industry from students to experts.

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