s3 & Glacier, the only backup solution you'll ever need


LTO and backup to HDD are great, but deeply limit your ability to scale. The old ways introduce operational overhead to maintain and care for these systems, and distract you from focusing on what matters for your business.

At Craftsy, we generate nearly 50 TB of new data/month, and perform backup and restore operations using nothing more than simple shell scripts. Today, I discussed our approaches at Camp DevOps in Boulder.

The slides from that presentation are here. While not specifically called out in the deck, it is massively important to note that deciding to cloudify our backups required a lot of faith. After 18 months in s3 & Glacier, I can say with utmost confidence that backup & restore to the cloud is rock-solid, reliable, cost efective, and gave us a ramp to nearly infinite scale with no administrative overhead.   


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