Posts (6) in May 2014:

Python-Flask-uWSGI-Setuptools: How To Deploy Simple WSGI Applications

Python is a great language for quickly writing applications. The solid standard library coupled with a great community results in a development environment that is fast and iterative. However, I've noticed many stumble after the application is written and ready to be deployed and consumed by users. The documentation and... Read more

Migrating to VPC: flying blind on a rocket cycle

The AWS Virtual Private Cloud platform provides a mature network topology for your ec2 resources. It enables you to restrict access to resources in much finer grained ways than possible in ec2. Additionally, VPC allows site to site VPN; allowing you to extend your non-ec2 networks to ec2. Today, I... Read more

Safari vs Internet Explorer :: Round 1

In a previous Enginerd post, Clint Milner talked about how lucky we are that we don't have to support IE 8. But that post got us all talking about a browser that does give us a few headaches: Safari. At Craftsy, we support Safari. A lot. As of last count,... Read more

What's my vector, Victor?

Why Vector? New devices, screens, and HDMI dongles emerge everyday that change the way we communicate our brand with our members. As a UX Engineer, I’m constantly looking for new ways to deliver graphical assets quickly and precisely (i.e. pixel perfect) across this evolving ecosystem. One of our favorite ways... Read more

s3 & Glacier, the only backup solution you'll ever need

LTO and backup to HDD are great, but deeply limit your ability to scale. The old ways introduce operational overhead to maintain and care for these systems, and distract you from focusing on what matters for your business. At Craftsy, we generate nearly 50 TB of new data/month, and perform... Read more

Never Forget: UX and The Internal Customer

Craftsy’s ecommerce store started out selling flash deals on yarn and fabric. Within a year, that evolved into a full fledged ecommerce experience built off the original flash deal code for merchandising and creating items on the site. Along with the evolution of the customer facing storefront, the admin area... Read more